Merry Christmas !


Hello sweeties  ! Merry merry Christmas  ! May the vibrations of this amazing celebration fill your hearts with love, happiness and precious moments with the ones you love. Time to recharge fully your batteries ! So, dinner on the 24 : check. How did it go ? What did you eat ? Here, it was typical Swedish celebration. Amazing ! A delicious Julbord (typical Swedish dinner, […]

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Pink skirt for a sweet and pastel winter


Hello lovelies ! How was your week ? Mine, super busy and quick. Can’t wait to relax for Christmas. Can you even believe that today is the last advent Sunday ? Christmas is next weekend ! And in less than 2 weeks, we’ll kick off 2017 ! So crazy how this year went fast ! Anyways, it’s not because it’s cold […]

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Mocha jacket and parisian weekend

Hello lovelies ! As you may know I went back to Paris last weekend, for 3 quick but super cool days! Of course, in the cute streets of the French capital, of my original home, I shot a look! Normal. And you know what? It was so great because the little specificity of this shooting […]

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My love for geometrical wool sweaters


Hello my lovelies ! How is the week going ? Looking forward to Christmas ? Here you can really feel Christmas is coming… Everything has switched to Christmas mode : packagings, street decorations, the cold outside and the warm light coming from candles and fire places inside homes… So cosy ! I’m like a child, I […]

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