How to drink tea ?


I am a real tea lover ! I had already told you about my love for tea in this previous post, but today I want to complete this article by explaining how to drink tea. This may sound stupid, but we don’t always know! Right temperature, right amount, which variety ? It’s not always all clear […]

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For the love of tea


Hello my little feathers ! I hope you had a good “back from holidays” week ? Mine was great, so many projects going on so it’s going to be an exciting year! I’m also currently in Paris for 10 days, to see my lovely friends and family, and for work! Other than that, the little […]

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Eating pollen : the advantages


Hello my little feathers ! Today I want to talk about eating pollen. I was lucky to try this thanks to the brand Apicia who sent me some pollen from the cistus tree. I had never tried eating pollen before, and to be honnest I didn’t even know you it was edible. But I am very happy I discovered this! Pollen tastes pretty good […]

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