How to drink tea during Spring ?


Hello pretty babes ! How is your week ? Here everything goes great! As some of you probably know, since Monday I live in a brand new apartment. New #homesweethome all clean and Scandinavian, love it ! With my darling we get our new marks and habits little by little and we devoted the first part of […]

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For the love of tea


Hello my little feathers ! I hope you had a good “back from holidays” week ? Mine was great, so many projects going on so it’s going to be an exciting year! I’m also currently in Paris for 10 days, to see my lovely friends and family, and for work! Other than that, the little […]

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Eating pollen : the advantages


Hello my little feathers ! Today I want to talk about eating pollen. I was lucky to try this thanks to the brand Apicia who sent me some pollen from the cistus tree. I had never tried eating pollen before, and to be honnest I didn’t even know you it was edible. But I am very happy I discovered this! Pollen tastes pretty good […]

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Spirulina : the super-food


Hello you ! Today I want to talk about this amazing super-food which is spirulina. We should all integrate it to our daily dietary routine, because it’s a concentrate of nutrients. Let’s talk about it! Spirulina : why it should be part of our daily diet I discovered spirulina already some years ago in a […]

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