My little illustrations

All my little illustrations: the dedicated page. Hello everyone and welcome. For me, drawing is like a meditation. I love it! This page is designed with the purpose of keeping track of all my drawings. And also, in order to make it easier to show them to my friends and family, as well as to any curious people who would like to see them!

Do you like to draw?

All my little illustrations

The monthly illustrations


Here you will find all my little monthly illustrations. Each month, I like to summarize my month on paper, in a drawn format. It relaxes me, and it’s a good way to remember in a creative way.

For those who are interested, you can also find my “Good Things of the Month” in the articles Instant Plume (“plume” meaning “feather” in French, as the light, happy moments) which encapsulate each month the little things that are worth sharing. There’s all kinds of stuff: recipes, good deals, movies, series, everything… here.

But the Instant Plume is more than that. It’s also a hashtag on Instagram (#instantplume) with thousands of posts from people who share their little everyday joys. In short, only good vibes! Don’t hesitate to join our little community and insert the hashtag under your “little pleasures” Instagram posts.


Illustrated recipes :

My Easy Homemade Bread Illustrated Recipe 

My lentil soup illustrated recipe

I hope you liked my little illustrations! Thank you for your visit and see you soon!

The little curiosity section: drawing or illustration?

I have often asked myself the question: what is the difference between the two? After doing some research, here is a possible answer.

Drawing and illustration are two approaches that are made to communicate a message. Drawing or illustration may also be used to present an idea more clearly than through other forms of communication (writing, for example). However, even if there are resemblances in the finality between the two terms, drawing and illustration have different significations.

What is a drawing?
A drawing is a two-dimensional visual art and expression that is usually created on paper using different instruments such as pencil, watercolour, oil paint, etc. Drawings require an expression that is often shown on the paper in great detail and frequently shows strong artistic skills.

What is an illustration?
An illustration can be presented as a drawing, a painting or a photograph and therefore acts as a medium that visually dictates a depiction of an object. The first known forms of illustration were those of prehistoric rock paintings. Today, illustrations can be simple, or complex, using machines and graphic techniques.

Today’s illustrations can be found in books, magazines, etc. Illustrators have developed an art form.

What exactly is the difference between a drawing and an illustration?
As the characteristics of drawing and illustration are similar, people have become familiar with using these two terms interchangeably, but this may be incorrect. While a drawing can be explained as a visual expression, an illustration is simply a visual representation.

Basically, a drawing makes full use of the imagination, whereas an illustration should remain as close as possible to what it illustrates.

Well finally, with my big-eyed foods, it looks like I’m making a mix of the two! Don’t you agree?

Here’s for the little culture chapter.