Homemade fabric softener recipe : simple and natural

Homemade fabric softener recipe : simple and natural

I think I can say without fear of being wrong that everyone is washing their clothes. And I also think I can say that most people like to have soft clothes coming out of the washing machine. Softeners you buy in the shops are filled with harmful chemicals, so why not just go for something homemade and as efficient ? Today I would like to share my homemade fabric softener recipe. It’s super simple to make, it’s super cheap, and it’s all natural !

Homemade fabric softener recipe from white vinegar & essential oils

I’ve been using this recipe for maybe 6 months now (if not more) and my laundry is as soft as it has always been. I think I can clearly say that it also makes me save some money, since it’s made from so cheap components. It’s basically water, white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oils. And that’s it. All this packed in a bottle that will last for a couple months…

The recipe

You’ll need :

a container (preferably a glass one)


white vinegar

a few drops of essential oil (tea tree and/or lavender, for example)

Then it’s pretty straightforward. You just fill your container with 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water and then you add approximately 10 drops of essential oil. I usually put 5 drops of tea tree essential oil for the antibacterial effect, and 5 drops of lavender oil for the smell. And that’s it !

How to use it ?

You use it exactly like softener. Pour a little amount in the space provided for this purpose of your washing machine and wash!

The vinegar will help dissolve the limestone present in the water used to wash your clothes, and will make them feel all soft.

Will my clothes smell like vinegar?

This is the first thing I wondered. The answer is no, NOT AT ALL. It gets all rinsed so it doesn’t smell anything. But the job is done : soft clothes, in a very natural way. No harmful chemicals. And more money saved in your piggy bank for your next pleasure !

Do you have any other natural tips like this one you’d like to share ?

Thanks for reading this blog post ! And I hope you thought this tip was useful. Have a nice day !

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