Half a lemon in the morning : a health & beauty secret !

Half a lemon in the morning : a health & beauty secret !

Hi dear readers ! Today I would like to update an article that I had already written at the beginning of the blog, but that was not read by most of you. And it’s a shame, because the subject of this article is really a great tip that I would like to share again and again. A beauty and health secret that I’ve been applying for several years already and that has proven itself on a daily basis. Drink half a lemon in the morning, every morning. As simple as this. Shall we are talking about it ?

Half a lemon in the morning : a health & beauty secret !

The principle is very simple. Every morning, on an empty stomach, you squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water, and you simply drink it. The ideal is to do it as soon as you wake up, and a few minutes before taking your breakfast, because it will wake you up while purifying and energizing your body it for the day. Let’s talk a little more about it.

The health benefits

Lemon in the morning:

  • strengthens your immune system\
  • helps the elimination of toxins from the body and facilitates liver work & digestion throughout the day
  • is diuretic and keeps your urinary system healthy (not very sexy but worth the mention)
  • has a fat burning effect and helps you stay fit if consumed each morning (I think it comes mostly from the fact that it is purifying and detoxifying)
  • boosts your energy levels and therefore your mood ! Our mood comes largely from our energy level (to be a little more precise: the difference between positive and negative ions in our body). Lemon is one of the few foods that causes a reaction in the body that gives us energy! And that boosts your good mood, and reduces the anxiety that causes stress.

The beauty benefits

Drinking lemon in the morning also improves the appearance of your skin in the long run, because vitamin C and other antioxidants it contains helps fight against free radicals and protect our skin, making it healthy and clear. Lemon is also an alkaline that helps the fight against certain bacteria responsible for acne.

Two uses: Lemon water helps detoxify the body and therefore makes the skin more beautiful over time. But you can also apply it with a cotton tip locally to dry your pimples, and reduce the appearance of your scars and stains.

As a conclusion, I find that drinking half a lemon every morning is really an easy thing to do and brings so much. I have been doing it for years personally ! And I can only advise you to do the same and integrate this gesture into your routine ! And you’ll see, in addition to this the little sour side wakes you up ! Only good, we said !

* So, convinced ? *

Lot of kisses and think about it : drink half a lemon in the morning !

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