Back to sport : my tips to stay motivated !


Hello lovelies ! Today, I can proudly say : I’m back to sport ! YEAHHHH ! I’ve been going to the gym twice a week for 4 months and the advantages are obvious, both physically and mentally. And what about you ? Are you sporty ? If yes, no need for me to convince you on how good it is for you ! You already KNOW. If not, I suggest you read this article carefully to get back to course ! OK ? GO ! Let’s go back to sport !

Going back to sport step by step : here is your program

I’m gonna be totally transparent with you : until 4 months ago, I’ve never been a really sporty person. At least never on the long run. Which was making me not super proud. It’s not even that I’m bad at sports, no… I actually practiced competition swimming for 2 years, ice skating, dancing, volley-ball… No, it’s just that I’m LA-ZY. I start something, and I drop out after a few weeks. 

Do you know this motivation fever before summer? Like : crunches, squats and running before the bikini? YES ? Haha, we are all the same ! Every time it’s the same song : I start for 3 weeks, and… Oh, where is my motivation ? “Yeah… but I had a bad week”, “yeah… but I have a headache”, “yeah… but I need to see Caro today”, “yeah… but I am hangover because of yesterday night”. So many “yeah… but”.


4 months ago I decided to get motivated for REAL. After all, I’m getting closer to the 30s than to the 20s. And if I don’t wanna look like a fat turkey in 10 years, I have to move my a**. Let’s say that, until now, mother nature was nice and understanding of my laziness and let me keep a nice body. But time is flying, and I hear her voice saying : ” move, you b**** otherwise you’ll get fat and old”. Ahhh. Scary. So I got motivation. And I wanted to share with you my little tips that worked for me. 

Registered to the gym in May : a Kickstart !
Motivated !


Let’s be honnest : it’s already hard to get some motivation, so let’s not make it harder by having to go at the opposite side of the city to workout ! Find yourself a nice gym just down your place, or even a nice park.

You’ll need to keep time in your week for your workout sessions already, so don’t add-up some time with annoying transports.


No need to plan 1 or 2 h sessions right from the start. You’ll get fed up and will get so sore muscles that you won’t be able to workout again for a week. The key to success is to start slowly, making the sessions more and more intense and longer through time. 

Here is the program I suggest you to try :

At the gym :

  • Start with 10 mn cardio (running, bike…)
  • Then, workout your body’s biggest groups of muscles (those that, once trained, will really show a difference on your body – such as the back, the abs, and the legs). Start with : – 3 series of 8 squats with weights – 3 series of 8 back exercises, for example : pull a rope and to finish 3 x 30 crunches
  • End your workout with 10 mn cardio. Your session should be about 40 mn. Don’t forget to strech after this !

I recommend you look at quality instead of quantity. For example, my mistake at the beginning was to think that the best way of doing squats was to do 50 movements and quick. NO. It’s better to make 8 only in a serie, but with the righ amount of weight, so the muscles work deeply. I personnaly add 10 kg on the barbell.

Through the sessions, go up to 12 and 15 and 20 mn cardio at the beginning and at the end (over a few weeks), and also up to 3 x 10 and 3 x 12 series with more weight on the barbell.


I really advise you to dedicate two days a week where you fit your sport sessions, and to never cancel ! No excuse. For example, I workout every wednesday after work and once in the weekend (with some flexibily wether it’s saturday or sunday). No excuse accepted. Like a promise to myself, I go anyways. I’m just thinking that if I cancel once because “I’m lazy”, “I’m tired”, “I’m hangover” then it open doors to laxism.


Music helps so much for sport ! I always listen to my best motivational songs while working out ! I advise you to do the same. And recently, I got those new Sudio bluetooth headsets, that are so convenient while working out. They’re wireless so I don’t need to have my phone in my hand or even on me. I love them ! I can leave my phone in my pocket, in my bag, or even somewhere else in the room (like in the lockers) as the bluetooth signal reaches pretty far. How great ?

And aren’t they so lovely with this scandinavian, white rose gold look?

Lovely, right ?
The cute leather case that comes with the headsets.
“Wireless” headphones, at least no need to be connected to the phone. Lovely !

If you like those headsets to, you can get – 15% with the promo code ” plumedaure ” on their site.

Here you go darlings ! I really hope this article will give you some motivation ! Sport changed a lot of things for me : I feel more energized, healthier, my legs are skinnier, my whole body looks better, even my skin. I am not in any diet, and I lost 3 kg !

As usual, do not hesitate to leave me a comment about this article ! <3 Plumedaure

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