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Hello beautiful people ! How is your week going ? Getting ready for Christmas ? Did you start the Christmas gifts mission already ? Personnaly, it’s my mission n°1 this weekend : find most of my gifts for everyone ! Wish me luck ! But I have actually already started with you, my little exceptions (13 000 cute exceptions haha! ). Indeed, I’m already starting to spoil you from today with the result of the first Christmas contest. Hope you like the idea of contests all over the December month, and that you liked the 1st contest. You could win a beautiful personnalized map from Mapiful. I loved this concept of “Create your own map” and I really wanted to offer you one! So, let’s say a few words about Mapiful. 

Create your own map with Mapiful


This nice Swedish company has a real concept! A city you particularly like ? A souvenir from travelling ? Your original city where you were born ? A country crush ? A dream destination ? Somewhere special in the world, that counts ? You can create your own map of this world place with Mapiful and immortalize it.

Everything is 100% customizable, which is great  :
– the zooming (you can choose to show up the city, the region, the country, the continent that you like) ;
– the orientation (landscape or portrait) ;
– the text (the title, the font, etc) ;
– the map itself (you can choose to show the buildings, the streets, the names, etc) ;
– the format… in one word : EVERYTHING !


I think those maps look so good and that they are a perfect minimalist, customized and original home decoration!  
I personally chose a map of Malmö, which is my own city since 1 1/2 years and that counts a lot for me. I’m an expatriate here and I started so many projects in this beautiful place : my baby blog, my life with my boyfriend, the adoption of my baby cat… Here I’m happier than ever. This city means a lot and I wanted to immortalize it. I also chose to let the Öresund bridge appear (on the left of the map) which links Sweden to Denmark, as I use it everyday to work in Copenhagen. A nice souvenir of my commuter life in Scandinavia! 

+++ And you, what place in the world would you choose ? +++

Enjoy the rest of your week!  Plume d’Auré <3

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