My Christmas decorations


Hello lovelies ! Today is going to be a highly Christmas colored post! Ahhhhhh… I love Christmas, this period blows my mind like a child every year. All those lights, those shiny Christmas decorations, those smiles on people’s faces… So much happiness! I’ll never get tired of these vibes and each year I’m all in in this tradition. Christmas food, ornaments, music, atmosphere through the whole December month, presents accumulating under the Christmas tree, nothing misses! As we’re very soon in December already, it was then time to put on the beautiful Christmas tree and to turn our appartment into a cosy Christmasy cocoon. And that’s what we did this weekend! Here are some pictures of our Christmas decorations. 

My Scandinavian Christmas decorations

Since we’ve moved together in Sweden with my half, which is less than 2 years, our “tradition” doesn’t change (I am already allowed to call it a tradition if it’s only the second time? I promise we’ll do it the next years as well! :D) :

  • Relaxing morning on the Christmas decorations day, usually a Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Delicious home made brunch and opening of a Glögg bottle (delicious Swedish typical hot wine)
  • And, once rested and full, we start the Christmas decorations.
  • In the evening, it’s Julbord, which is a Swedish typical dinner. Read here my article on Swedish Christmas if you wanna know more.

Our Christmas tree. We don’t have a real one because we think that fake ones have a few advantages : they last longer (no issue of loosing spines before Christmas) and it’s more ecological. Even if it doesn’t have this amazing Christmas tree smell (only big negative point to me), it remains very pretty ! Other advantages : cheaper, less cleaning, easier to set up and store. This one cost us not less than 130€ last year at Clae Ohlson, but as we’re going to use it over several years, in the end it’s really cheap! 2m10, very fluidly and thick, LED lights included ! Haha, I’m proud of it! Isn’t my Christmas tree so cute? (I just saw it’s way cheaper this year… Grrr)






For the colors, this year we went for white / silver / gold and red. A lot of purity with the white and red because red is Christmas! Of course we’ve added a lot of cute little characters. 





This year unfortunately, we had to store our beautiful glass bowls. We fear that our miss Leia breaks everything! Indeed, with this baby monster, hm sorry, cat, we’re expecting the Christmas tree to lay on the floors sometimes when we come back from work. 




Here you go beauties! I hope these Christmas decorations and my selections could inspire you for yours, if not already done, this year!

+++ When are you planning to put on your Christmas decorations?+++ 

+++ What will be your colors this year? +++

+++ Do you prefer natural of fake Christmas trees? +++

Merry Christmas period mes jolies… Let’s embrace those vibes and enjoy it ! PS : I have a lot of nice surprises for you for Christmas, so stay tuned ! I feel like spoiling you!


    • December 4, 2016 / 10:37 AM

      You’re so adorable! ❤️ you too my beauty, stay blessed! And keep inspiring people!

  1. December 11, 2016 / 11:43 PM

    I LOVE glogg! Have you ever tried making your own? We make it every year! You don’t have any Dala Horses that you display?

    I’d love to go to Sweden this time of year.

    x Emily ||

    • December 12, 2016 / 3:40 PM

      Hello hello 🙂 Yeah I did, it’s so good. Red wine, cinnamon, cardamom and some oranges (and a LOT of sugar haha OMG) and it’s done !
      But yeah, you’re right. The dala horses are missing… so typical 🙂
      How comes that you know so much about Sweden ? Did you visit the country one day ? It’s so lovely, right ?
      Where are you from?
      Thanks a lot for your comment ! Have a nice week !

      • December 12, 2016 / 4:12 PM

        I’m half Swedish and every year we celebrate Christmas with my Swedish family haha. I’ve never been to Sweden but I’m dying to go!

        I’m from The States, Boston more specifically!

        x Emily

        • December 13, 2016 / 2:12 PM

          Ahhh, how great ! Do you speak a bit ? 🙂
          I can imagine why you’d love to visit Sweden then ! Well, if one day you come to South of Sweden (Malmö) let me know ! I’d love to give you some tips / must see !
          The States… I love as weel ! I’ve been to NY, Washington and Philadelphia. Would love to go back and see more.
          Your blog looks very nice btw !
          I’ve tried to leave comments on your posts but I found it a bit complicated because I had to create an account? Did you know this?
          Have a lovely day sweetie !

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