Enjoy work : why this is important

Enjoy work : why this is important

We hear those sentences very often : “It’s important to enjoy what you work for”. “You should wake up every morning for something you really like”. But then, why is that that so few people can SHOUT OUT they enjoy work? Why do we hear so many people saying : “If I like my job? Well… not really. But, you know, I have to be able to pay the rent!”. We all know how loving our job is important, but not all of us really care about it, or dare to care. Too bad… because loving your job is one of the 1st components of global happiness.



A job we don’t like – or at least not enough – is a LOT of time spent doing something we don’t stand for.

Everybody should read this sentence twice and think about it. Working uses a lot of pur time, and nobody should cope with a half-satisfying job. It’s true… When you think about it : we spend a LOT of time at work. Most of our awake time, at least. Indeed if you dig a bit : we work in average 8h a day – we sleep 8h also. It’s 8h left in each day without working or sleeping. Well, then it means that working time represents 1/3 of our everyday life. Half of our awake time. Approximately 120 days / year. We just can not spend all this time doing something we don’t like, or not enough.

A lot of people feel stressed, depressed in their everyday life, without really knowing why.

The reason(s) for this? Of course it can be personal reasons, problems which make our life harder like diseases, family issues, lack of money… But for those who are lucky enough to not have any of these problems, but are still anxious, like “All good in my life, but I feel sad-ish I don’t know why…” : if the stress remains hitting you then maybe it comes from the fact that your everyday life doesn’t make you satisfied.

Very often I talked with friends, people I just met in a party or any kind of event (including at work) who were very annoyed by their job, their manager, team, that they were bored/ or close to hitting the wall because too busy… Or whatever. But they knew they didn’t like their job at all! And of course they were stressed also. I really think that, most of the time, this kind of everyday life stress, implicate, is generated because 1/2 of our life is not spend in good conditions. And when you realize that, it’s time to change. Don’t cope with it anymore!  Chase happiness!


To summarize. Not loving your job means waking up each morning to spend half of our day not satisfied.

For what? For money, of course… Money is important. To pay the rent/credits, to eat, to access care, to shop… But there is not only one job in this world which will allow you to get this money! There are others out there! And I’m 100% sure that, any one of us, with a bit of courage, can find a job that really makes us happy – for real.

My work stuff that I love so much, with all this beautiful wood from VINN STUDIO (directly from Finland)

Reacting is important.

When you realize you don’t love your job, you have to react. And change. Too many people cope with it, I think. Our society has evolved, it’s not the same one as 60 years ago. You don’t have to keep the same job all your life. Today, how our society is made makes change easier. With a bit of courage, a good dose of energy and determination, you CAN change. Some piece of advice :

– Try to determine what it is you don’t like in your job : the team? The atmosphere? The industry and the meaning you give to your function? The function itself? The context (ex : in a office when you’d rather work outdoors)?
 Once you know what it is you don’t like now, think about what you would like and try to gather as much information about this job online and around. Could you try it directly now, are you qualified ? If yes, check at the employment market : do they recruit for this position? Update your resume and start applying.
Do you need to get a training ? Check with your city hall / training instances to check if you can get a training, how and when? Try to find applicable solutions.
– Then you’ll know what to do. Next step : do it! 
Here is the hardest part, when you go from “I could” to “I will”. You have to quit your current job and jump in a new – uncertain but way more exciting – world! You need to find in you the courage and the energy to step forward. It’s never an easy thing to do to leave a stable situation when you don’t know what will happen next… I know. But this stable situation does not make you happy. And time flies, we only live once! So the risk is worth being taken!
Of course, for financial reasons some people can’t quit so easily. Well then you still have weekends and evening to prepare your little project until you have something else. It’s going to be a tough rhythm for like 1-2 months, but it’s worth it if you have results! That was if your new dream job is close to yours. If not, then it’s time to go back to school/training, so you’ll have to quit first. Scary. But my best friend did that and now she’s more happy than ever before. For those who have some money saved and want to take that risk… Go. This feeling you get when you leave the office for the last time, there is an inexplicable feeling going through your veins :  the fear, mixed to excitation and a total FREEDOM! Butterflies … You feel like a King controlling your life, haha!

How comes that I know so much, huh? 😀

It’s true I’m not very old and experienced. But still… I can feel that it’s a subject I can talk about with a lot of confidence because since I came to the work market, happiness and self-realization is something I REALLY care about.  I graduated my Master in Marketing/Management in 2012 (so 4 years ago… Yeah! Congrats for the math!). And it took me time to feel at the right place. I had some different jobs that I kind of liked – some more than others – but where I was never at my ease. Why? Because deep inside I knew they didn’t fit me. Either I worked with adorable colleagues but too different from me in terms of age, environment, hobbies. I felt like a kid in the middle of a serious world, I didn’t want to grow up so quick. Either in a digital communication agency, this time with young and like-minded people but where the idea of work there was : ” Work, come early, leave late and forget your personal life!”. So, yeah… I like my colleagues but I also want to see my actual friends. Either a consultant job where this time I had a great team + a correct personal life (so we were almost there) but where the projects didn’t interest me so much. Moreover, at this time – I’m going to be honest with myself – I also really wanted to leave Paris for Sweden to meet my love. Anyways. 3 jobs and 3 times where I could stay and not be totally happy. But 3 times where I decided to change… To every time get closer to what I was looking for and be happier. Did you notice ? In each job I fixed the problem I had in the last one!

All this brought me to my current job : awesome team, nice start-up atmosphere, nice projects, enough personal time, in the nice city of Copenhagen! So I really have no regrets ! I advise you all to do like me if you can recognize yourself in the description at the top, and if you feel like you could find better (in the sense : more adapted to your personality and your wishes/life projects). Good luck!
I wanted to write this article because I’ve seen to many people not liking what they do and I think it’s a bit sad. Don’t forget : 50% of your awake time. 
PS : Did you notice those absolutely beautiful MacBook and iPhone covers in my pictures? They are from Vinn Studio, a beautiful Finnish brand who produces natural wooded skins for your devices.

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Lot of kisses and please don’t hesitate to react to this article. I love reading your feedback! ❤
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  1. September 1, 2016 / 12:00 PM

    Absolutely! I can definitely agree that it is important to like your job. Life would be so miserable with spending however many days a month and doing something you do not like. Best Wishes, Iga x http://www.igaberry.com

    • September 1, 2016 / 12:11 PM

      Hello my dear Iga ! It’s so true, right? And I like how our new society allows us to adapt and change jobs everytime we feel like we are going to the end of a period.
      It’s great. With a bit of courage, self-confidence and love for risk we can achieve great things!
      Enjoy your day lovely !

  2. February 28, 2019 / 9:01 AM

    I feel just like you Aurelie! I’ve tried different types of companies and positions but it never really felt right. There are just not many employers who negotiate conditions other than salaries and role definitions. For me, flexibility in time is very important and to be able to choose where I do my work. It stimulates my brain and helps me do a better job (I work with digital marketing as well :).

    I can also relate to having the love of your life in a different country. So there’s more than one motivation to proceed my freelancing career at the moment.

    Kind regards,

    • March 5, 2019 / 1:08 PM

      Looks like we have many common points. Thanks for sharing and good luck for becoming a freelancer ! Never hesitate to reach out 🙂

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