How to relax everyday to get a stress-free attitude


Hello my little feathers ! I hope you are doing good ? Summer is finally here, the sun is out! Yeah! It’s also been a whole year without a long holiday-break (except maybe Christmas and various weekends). Our brain is getting ti-red ! Looking forward to the summer break, the bikini and -if possible- the palmtrees. Haha. But, in between, we need to hold! We need to relax to avoid getting TOO tired after this whole holiday-free year. So, I wanted to share with you my best tips to relax everyday.

How to relax everyday : my advices

I am an Epicurean = I love to enjoy life at the maximum, to see beauty in simple things of the everydaylife. So of course, one of my number 1 priorities is to reduce the stress, so bad for the well-being. Being hypersensitive, I hate being stressed because it hits me 200%. Well, of course it’s normal to get stressed sometimes, as it’s almost impossible to avoid it completely. Things/events of the everyday life can be stressful : the public transports, urgent projects at work, family problems, etc. But the most important is to have a balance between all those negative stimuli and the RELAXING moments, where you trade your stress against positive energy. But the question is : how to relax everyday when we don’t have so much time for it? Here are the tips that work fine for me :

Keep some “Me-moments” everyday

In our everyday life routine, whether you live alone, in a couple, with your parents, in a shared appartment, or with your children etc. it’s very important to keep some time for YOURSELF everyday. Only for YOURSELF. Your “me-moment”. It’s so important to be alone, to breathe, to do something you really like taking out some minutes of your day that you don’t share with anyone else but YOU. Indeed, we are always connected to others : our colleagues, our friends, our family, random people in the public transports, in the street, TV, radio, social media. We never have time for meditation. So I think a “me-moment” everyday is more than important to reconnect with ourselves and our deep feelings. For me this could be : take a nice shower/bath, take care of myself. Put some relaxing music, a chilling light. Read a nice book or magazine, or watch an episode of Gossip Girl having my laptop on the edge of the bathtube. Apply an amazing moisturizing cream which smells delicious, put on a face mask, a hair conditioner, some nail laquer. Anyway, you got the idea : a nice cocooning moment just for me, that I share with no one.

Be outside in nature

It’s so important to take some fresh air everyday. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but if I don’t watch this carefully, my routine can quickly become : home – public transports – office – public transports – home. Not so much outside time in this very common schema. So, everyday, I try to spend time outside : ride my bike instead of catching the bus, go for a walk after dinner, take a drink out on a terrasse when it’s sunny, go to the park/the beach. Anything, anywhere when i can BREATHE.



Live for your passions/hobbies

You like a particular sport? Drawing? Dancing? Do you have any passion? We all have. So you should always keep some time every week to live for this passion. We are quickly absorbed in our everyday routine, but we have to save some time to do what makes us passionate. For example I have two main passions : the blogging/writing and the creation. I love writing here, articles about diverse subjects to share my positivity. On the creative side : I love creating thing since I’m a child. DIY, jewelry, diverse objects… I try to do this at least 2 or 3 times per week. For example a half-day in my weekend and one or two evenings in the week. It’s so important, and it makes me feel good.

Have a healthy lifestyle : eat good and practice

A healthy lifestyle makes you feel way better psychologically and physically. It gives you more energy, it makes you feel better in your body. Of course you should never make it an obsession, because then it reverses the good effects of it. I can tell you for sure : I allow myself a lot of food pleasures every week! Pancakes, nice fries and burger, yummy pizza… you should never remove this completely and get yourself frustrated. But the idea is to try to get a global healthy life. So for example when I eat a pizza for lunch, I try to eat a sallad in the evening. I always drink green tea before going to bed. I try to run once or twice a week (I said “I try”… trying is good already 😀 Haha… No comment), and to practice Yoga thanks to Youtube tutorials or mobile apps.


I recently discovered this very nice relaxing-drinks brand, NOA. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning : how can a drink really help me get relaxed? But I was surprised how it really works! Maybe a placebo-effect due to those delicious flavours and beautiful packagings? I don’t know, haha, and I really don’t think so as the ingredients are really known for their relaxing properties! But I LOVE IT! I have so many in the fridge now 🙂 I really like the taste, the fact that it’s low in calories and of course the relaxing effect. I usually drink one during my “me-moment” of the day, for example while taking a bath, when practicing Yoga, if front of a good movie or just suntanning in a park or on the beach.



If you don’t know NOA, you can go here. I personnaly really adopted these nice RELAX & FOCUS drinks in my everyday life relaxing moments.

Laugh, laugh, love, and laugh again

Laughing is the best anti-stress therapy. See your friends, your family, enjoy life. Spread good waves and receive only good energy! Nothing can be better than this.


That’s it. It shouldn’t be so hard, right? 😀 I hope you liked this article and that it will help you to relax everyday ! Like always, don’t hesitate to comment this article, it always makes me very happy to read your thoughts. Lot of love, Plumedaure <3


  1. June 27, 2016 / 3:12 AM

    Love this post girly! I totally agree with every point you made! Taking care is the number one way to relax and keep your sanity in a stressful time! excellent post. 🙂

    • June 27, 2016 / 5:07 AM

      Hello dear ! Thanks for this comment 🙂 and glad to see you here ! I’m glad you liked this article !
      Oh yeah keeping stress away helps so much ! I’ll also use your apps as a complement 😉
      Have a nice day! (Or night? Depending on where you are)

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