Taking life on the light side in my flower dress

shooting photo grande arche de la défense

Hello pretty babes. I hope you are doing well. As you probably know, today is post elections days for French people. I don’t want to discuss political topics on my blog and social networks, because this is not my universe. I’ll just say that this morning, even though I do not feel that I am being understood, I am a little reassured. Reassured that we didn’t fall into an extreme. Because extremes are never good, whatever they are. But no, we’re not going to talk about politics. Again, this is not the atmosphere of my blog, nor of my social networks. On this blog, and all the rest, I like to talk about light and easy things. I like to share good vibes. We have enough debates, atrocities, black things to see and accept each day only by turning on the TV. I want this blog and our discussions here to be a little bubble of freshness, some life in pink and lightness. Lightness is rest for the mind, to me it’s so important. I like lightness. Not that I take life lightly but I like to give a light side to things. It allows me to take a lot of height on life and to live it more gently. It is not always simple but it works. After all, every time you have a problem, a pain, or whatever, try to repeat this to yourself in a loop : earth is just a big rock that spins around the sun. Immediately you relativize on our smallness, and on many things. It feels better, right? Everything we do, however serious it may seem, is in fact nothing in comparison with the immensity of what surrounds us. So, relativise, get a good cup of tea, take a good nap, and HOP, when you’ll wake up it will feel better. Lightness. Like this little flower dress, and its ruffles on the sleeves. I particularly loved this dress for its movement. Here is a series of pictures by Nicolas Kartinka, who knew how to capture this lightness.

In my little flower dress, I swirl and take life lightly

First of all I would like to thank Nicolas Kartinka for these beautiful pictures. Nicolas is an excellent photographer and a friend of the family. He is extremely talented and I’m proud to have been able to shoot this look with him because he photographed a whole bunch of models at different Fashion Weeks for magazines as well as icons like Caroline Receveur. Thank you Nico for your time, and for your talent. I let you go see his Instagram account here.

We had time to shoot this look together last week, in La Defense, before I returned to Sweden. I love these clichés, both those in the glass tunnel behind the Arche and those with the Arche in the background.

As I told you, I love this little flower dress that I shopped at Jennyfer. Jennyfer makes pretty clothes, and cheap. Maybe not of the best quality, but after all it allows to follow the trends and to change often. Don’t you think ?

shooting bloggeuse la défense

café portrait nicolas kartinka

mouvement robe à fleurs

explosion de bonne humeur

portrait fille

rire aux éclats

nicolas kartinka photographe paris

se recoiffer chignon

robe à fleurs shooting

lunettes de soleil grande arche

fille assise marches de la défense

cheveux aux vent

My secret to take life lightly? Smile to it. Enjoy. You know what ? Many people are naturally unhappy and become happy when something good happens to them. It is normality, the quest for happiness. The expectation of an extraordinary fact that brings us a smile. For my part, I try to be naturally happy, precisely when nothing happens. My normality is happiness. I get sad if a misfortune happens to me (I touch wood so it doesn’t) and I become even happier if something good happens to me. If we change that way of seeing life, we feel good. Normality is happiness. And happiness is everywhere, in small things.

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Here is the link to the same flower dress still available for 25 euros on Jennyfer’s website. And a selection of other similar beautiful and affordable items.

Details-wise, I wear my golden wallet from Maison Gaja that I just love. This wallet adds a touch of champagne to every outfit! Then my good old gray H&M boots that I never leave (it might be time to, actually – but they are SO comfortable!). I will have worn them all winter.

On this sunny day, I wore my crush sunglasses, the Summer Rose from Le Petit Lunetier. I repeat (because I already said it in my previous article) : these glasses are great and of a super quality for only 35 euros (of which -20% if you use the code Plumedaure20). I wear them all the time ! For those of you who want nice glasses, that will protect your eyes without emptying your bank account, go to www.lepetitlunetier.com

On the jewelry level, I wear new items coming straight from the pretty brand Lolliloop <3, made by an adorable designer in Namur. Beauties! Both the ring and the bracelet don’t you think ? There is not even any need to wear more jewelry. They are really gorgeous, voluminous and dress up the outfit on their own.

To finish, I wear a Daniel Wellington watch, my fav brand. This is the new Silver Classic Petite.

porte monnaie doré maison gagadétails maison gaga

détails daniel wellington lolliloop

So, babes, I hope that this half fashion / half philo post will have pleased you. When I start writing, I am sometimes overwhelmed by various emotions and want to put them on paper. I don’t always want to simply write about fashion, I like to add a little edge. I hope that this addition pleases you. I wish you a good week, and remember: a little lightness in life feels good.

* Light kisses but full of love *

Credits : 

Dress from Jennyfer

Wallet from Maison Gaja

Sunglasses from www.lepetitlunetier.com (-20% on all your orders with the code Plumedaure20)

Boots from H&M

Watch from Daniel Wellington

Jewelry from Lolliloop

Photo shooting made by the talented Nicolas Kartinka


    • May 10, 2017 / 9:45 AM

      Thanks babe ! You’re the sweetest ! Have a wonderful humpday !

  1. May 9, 2017 / 3:31 PM

    Cette robe est superbe et tu la portes très bien ! Les motifs et les manches pour le côté romantique, le café à emporter et les lunettes pour le coté business woman 😉

    Mathilde’s Closet

    • May 10, 2017 / 9:44 AM

      Hehe, oui exactement, bien décrypté ma puce ! Je m’y reconnais totalement. Merci pour ton joli mot!

    • May 11, 2017 / 7:47 AM

      Thanks babe ! Yeah I had a crush on it, so cute… and the sleeves are just the perfect detail.
      Have a nice day <3

    • May 15, 2017 / 1:07 PM

      Thank you so much, you’re so adorable ! <3 What a nice way to start the week 🙂
      Have a lovely day sweetie !

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