Instant plume of January (#instantplume n. 15)

Instant plume of January (#instantplume n. 15)

And here we go for another year of Instant Plume articles, youpiiii! As usual (see all the articles in the Instant Plume category here) I’ll share with you my little crushes & good things from the previous month, as well as a few of your #instantplume posts from January. This little hashtag created to share our little joys of everyday life (our light, simple, happy moments) still pleases you as much and it is such a happiness for me to see you use it! Today, it has more than 3200 happiness posts on Instagram! SO awesome, right?

Instant plume of January (#instantplume n. 15)

Do not hesitate to join our little group of happiness spreaders on instagram by inserting the hashtag #instantplume under your happy posts!

The little things of January

1. In January, I saw seals in their natural environment

What a wonder, our planet. Very close to where I live in Sweden, in Malmö, precisely in Skanör, of which I already talked about here, there is a nature reserve where you can see wild seals. It’s called Måkläppen sanctuary. It’s opened for visitors 12 weeks a year and allows them to do a beautiful hike from Skanör to the end of the Falsterbo peninsula where seals are usually to be found. An invigorating walk along the sea, with the possibility of observing a whole bunch of wild birds as well.

It was really a great day! And I was surprised to observe the behavior of seals that are just too cute and funny. They play, jump on each other, bite each other … they behave like doggies haha!

2. The OA, the Netflix series that turned me upside down …

It had been a long time since a series had not resonated so much in me. The OA, the series that turns your brain around. I am not good at summarizing intrigues or making film / series reviews etc. but I can tell you one thing. For those of you who are a little high in the sky, in all that is about life after death, NDEs, parallel worlds and other dimensions … go for it. W.O.W.!

Whether it’s the main actress, or the story, everything about The OA is captivating. I finished the first season in just a few days (8 episodes) and felt like I had waited for this to happen all my life. The last time I felt that, was for Interstellar. In any case, I can not wait for Season 2 to arrive!

Photo credits : The OA, Netflix

3. January, my month of a mini burn out

January has been a month which was, we could say … a little challenging. Little health problems, a lot of tiredness, a lot of stress … I bugged a little bit. So I decided to redefine my priorities, especially at work, to preserve myself. Last year was my first real freelance year and it worked very well (which is great!). But it’s true that it worked so well that I maybe absorbed a little too much work, too often, in the evening, on vacation, at Christmas… Not the best to stay healthy in the long run. I think I became a little exhausted and so I decided to work less and better in 2019. To know and set my limits and my priorities. Health is everything. So at the first signs of intense fatigue, never neglect it. And I can tell you something : since I took things in hand everything goes much but MUCH better!

It’s so important to listen to yourself and to take care of yourself. Don’t you agree?

Who among you experienced something similar as freelance or as an employee?

Your #instantplume of January

So so so, it’s now time to share some of your #instantplume of January. I don’t know how to thank you for keeping this little hashtag alive, with all your good waves, by sharing your happy posts everyday. I am SO happy to see that you adhere to this simple concept, and that with me you ARE aware of all the little pleasures that punctuate our daily lives! Sharing our little happiness posts is for a good cause : by sharing them we create good waves on the web! Actually, we are some kind of messengers for happiness, right?

Because in every Instant Plume there should be a baby cat <3 #catlover
So much quietness…
Love is ALLLL <3
Oh FEATHERS, I had to find them a place in this Instant Plume post (“plume” meaning “feather” in French)
This kind of slippers for the home, SO COMFORTING
The happiness of walking along the beach and listening to the sound of the waves …
Winter wonderland <3
Healthy toasts + hair ball = HAPPINESS
The pleasure of traveling and discovering other corners of our planet …
Because sushi is LIFE!

And now, it’s time to ENJOY February … the days are getting longer, the spring is getting closer. One can feel it, right? I wish you a wonderful month of February my dears!

* What were your #instantplume of January ? *

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