Top 10 of the best things in autumn

Top 10 of the best things in autumn

Finally autumn … in Sweden, this beautiful season is well underway and we are already starting to enjoy all that it has to offer. Personally, autumn is my favourite time of the year. Well, it’s true, I also like spring for its flowers and colours; winter for its beautiful white landscapes; summer for its sublime sunsets and soft evenings… But autumn has this little extra. Every year, at the end of September / beginning of October, I am full of joy. I’ll tell you why by listing my little autumn pleasures. Would you like to tell me yours in the comments? The 10 best things in autumn.

Top 10 best things in autumn

The colors

I think that’s what comes first for me. I love the autumn tones, that brown, that red, that rust, that yellow, that red …. I’m just a fan and it makes me want to go out all the time to take pictures in the forest. By the way, it’s easy to see that on my instagram feed.

Hot drinks under a cosy plaid

Hot chocolate, chai latte, teas of all kinds… what could be nicer than sipping a hot drink under a blanket on a rainy autumn Sunday? Not much? I agree.

In fact, here’s a delicious and easy Chai latte recipe.


Taking out the cosy sweaters, scarves etc.

Haha, I’m sure you’re the same way! How fun to pull out of the dressing room all the cocooning jumpers, soft scarves and everything related to the beautiful fall clothing styles. Love everything about it!

DIY activities

Another thing that fits well the fall season is to stay at home and do some pretty things with our 10 fingers. Knitting, sewing, drawing, I love this. Recently, I created a DIY fabric book cover for my diary. Have you seen it?

Watching series

I love watching TV series, and I do so even more in the fall because I’m inside more. My favorites of the moment?

With Simon after dinner, we are currently re-watching How I Met Your Mother (a classic!) after finishing Modern Family and New Girl. We love this kind of series with lots of seasons, so fun and where we get attached to the characters. Otherwise, I am watching alone The Vampires Diaries. I love vampire series. In preparation for Halloween, haha? If you like vampires too, True Blood is really cool as well.

Eat seasonal fruits & vegs

Pumpkin, butternut, (all kinds of pumpinks actually), mushrooms, chestnuts, apples… all that autumn offers on the dietary level is so delicious.

By the way, if you like butternut squash and homemade soup, you should definitely try this delicious sesame butternut soup recipe!

Good books

In the fall, you spend more time at home, and that gives you more time to read. Loose yourself in beautiful stories or take the advantage to learn something new when it’s cold and rainy outside! It feels great.


Scented candles

In autumn, we start to lose some light, so it’s time to light some pretty candles for the house. With scents of spices, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. they smell so good and set such a cozy atmosphere at home. Do not overdo them however, as they tend to pollute quite a lot inside.


Putting spices everywhere

Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon… I love autumn spices. Especially cinnamon. I put it in everything. In my drinks, in my cakes, compotes, everything … it’s so delicious.


And yes, it is only in autumn that I use them at home. In the summer, it is not pleasant because it is way too hot.


And you, what are your best things in autumn?

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