Good idea for a nice gift : a customized phone cover


Hi my lovely feathers! Today I want to share with you a nice idea for a gift to a friend or to a member of your family (or yourself… it also works!).I was lucky to design my own phone cover + computer skin on CaseApp, and I really loved it! I chose an iPhone cover which was available in their collection, but I designed two for my lovely boyfriend and mother. Here are the details of my creations and what I thought about the experience.

My choices and creations

So, first of all, and because I really love marble,  I ordered some very nice marble products for my Mac Book Air and my iPhone. A cover for the iPhone, with two different marbles and glitter for the girly aspect,  that looks really really pretty. Then, I went for a Mac skin, in black marble. Do you like them? I think they look GREAT !


Love it!


With the phone cover

As I was saying, it’s also a very nice idea for a gift to someone! What could be better than a phone accessory, when we have our phones with us 24/7 these years? (Yep… I know what I am talking about because I’m the first one looking at my phone 200 times a day ^^). That person will always have your gift with her! An alternative to jewelry, but even more personnalized because YOU design it!

SO…  for my boyfriend I designed a phone cover with the World of Warcraft logo ! Yes, my boyfriend is a NERD… Haha! (He was in love with it, I even had to request permission to keep it for some time so I could take some pictures for this article before he could use it. Negociation was hard 🙂 ).

Geeky… but it stays very nice, isn’t it?

And, for my mum I designed this phone cover with the pictures of her 10 cats, haha ! Yes, you have read correctly ! 10 CATS ! My mum is a pure cat lady so she will LOVE this present ! If you count them, you’ll see that there are 11 cats on the cover and not 10, and that’s because I added my cute Leia to it. Her grand-daughter. Yeah OK we are crazy in our family ! But cats are cute, so it’s OK.

The printing definition is really good!

So, super idea, super website, where you can easily please yourself and buy nice gifts for the ones you love. I was also very impressed by the fast delivery, not even a week!

If you want to order something, whether it’s from their collection or creating your own design, it’s here ! (-20% on all your purchases with the promo code PLUMEDAURE20 until the 27/08/16).

You can also participate to my contest on Instagram (@Plumedaure) running until the 3rd of August! The lucky winner will get to choose ANY product from the website (designed or not) for free.

Have a wonderful day my angels ! And be creative! <3 Plumedaure


  1. July 29, 2016 / 3:53 PM

    This is a perfect customised gift for someone! I have already bought a few MacBooks and iPhone covers already for myself but… Never enough! I love how with a few items you can change the whole look of a product. Best wishes, Iga

    Find me at:

    • July 29, 2016 / 4:27 PM

      Hello my sweet Igaberry! Thanks for your comment 🙂 And yeahhhh, we agree! It’s just great how it can make your device look so cool and different just by adding a skin / or cover! Love those ones.. But I’m like you.. Not the first ones and not the last 😉 at least I really like this brand now!
      And yeah, amazing for gifts! My mum actually just received it in France today and she totally Loved it ! So many cats… Haha! Enjoy your evening dear !

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