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Hello my little feathers ! How are you? Here, it’s finally SUMMER and it feels so good! The sun took some time to come here but now it makes us even more happy ! Anyway,  it’s bikini time ! And to prepare my body for the beach I wanted to try the CelluBlue cup that I’ve discovered on social media. The concept is simple : a silicone cup that you use to massage your legs (or other part of your body you want to remove cellulite from) for 5 mn. It absorbs the skin and reproduces perfecty the technique of rolling massage used in beauty institutesIn 21 days, it’s supposed to remove all your cellulite ! Of course, I wanted to try this… So here is my cellublue review !

Removing cellulite in 21 days: does it work ? My cellublue review

How to use it ?

I ordered two cups, one for each leg. Because I thought it would be easier and quicker ! Well, I was right, once I got the gesture it saved me so much time so if you’re planning to use it for the legs I’d advise you to do the same, and buy 2 CelluBlue cups! 

The first thing I did upon reception is to check how to use it on their website. It’s really well done and even includes a tutorial on how to massage yourself, using 3 techniques : 

  1. Vertical motion (from botton to top)
  2. Zigzag motion (same thing but making zigzag ^^)
  3. Circular motion (making small circles)

Here is a video (in French, but you just need to watch & learn) showing those motions :

At the beginning it can be painfull, so you can reduce the suction effect by pressing the cup and releasing some air. And then increase it session after session. It’s normal if it hurts because the cellulite hasn’t been “moved” (Erk.. haha) for a while! But once the 5 mn massage is over, you feel so good. You can feel that it improves the circulation and your legs feel light!

Don’t panic if you get some small bruises after the massage at the beginning. It’s also totally normal. They will disappear. The rolling massage technique in institutes also gives bruises… 😀 It means that it works! In french we say “Il faut souffrir pour être belle” (which means “You need to suffer to be beautiful”), it’s true ! Don’t worry, it’s almost a “nice” pain ! Exactly like when you get a back massage and your muscles are so SORE. Painful but nice. This one is comparable : nothing horrible!

Body challenge : super legs !


My experience

I used this technique – the 3 motions – for 21 days, 5 mn per leg. To make the cup slide on your skin, you need to use an oil. Avoid dry oils, body creams and gels because they make the sliding very hard. Any normal body oil will be perfect.

I used the COCO SLIM oil from Hello Body that I was very lucky to test. I recommend it to you 200%. It smells litterally DELICIOUS and it’s composed with the best ingredients for a moisturised, soft and tonic skin. And it’s totally natural!

The ingredients : coconut oil to moisture the skin (mmm this smell..), almond oil for a soft skin, avocado oil to reinforce the skin, and some Q10 to strenghten the cells and tone the body. Gold for your little being ! The price is quite high (about 35e) so consider this as the best of the best for your anti-cellulite program. If you can’t afford this, any oil (ex : Argan oil) will work just fine !

The Coco Slim Oil from Hello Body


The perfect combo !


The results after 21 days

I am very very happy ! I never had so much cellulite, being quite skinny, but we all know that this doesn’t mean that I don’t have ANY. I have some, and it’s been verryyy hard to get rid of it! Well, I can tell you I finally found a way to reduce it, and probably to get rid of it completely. 

Telling you that I have nothing left after those 21 days would be a complete lie. BUT, I defintely have less ! Even my boyfriend, last time when I was wearing some jean shorts told me “your legs look very toned up compared to before”. HAAAA thanks honey 😀 ! The CelluBlue cup definitely helps to get rid of the cellulite ! So of course you must use it regularly, 5 mn per day and no excuses ! But 5 mn only is not so hard, you can easily do it in front of a movie, in the evening, or after your shower. I’m very satisfied with this experience and I’ll keep using it as long as I have cellulite left. And even probably after, maybe once or twice a week, to maintain the effects. But that’s good, because massaging your legs can’t be bad! It can only be good! Hands up for this CelluBlue cup ! Love it !

The cup seen from closer


My perfect combo for perfect legs this summer (and after…)


Complementary products

Here are some complementary products you can also use to enhance the effects :

Le MyCelluTea, a tea made of specific natural ingredients that make your body metabolism higher and help you burn fat ; and the anti-cellulite lotion from Kueshi that I personaly apply after the massage


The Detox Tea and the meter to measure the results of my little program 🙂

Here you go my cuties ! I hope you liked this article and that you now wanna try the CelluBlue to look even better as you do today !

Are is where you can shop the products :

Lotttt of kisses and let me know what your thoughts are. Any of you already using it? What results did you have? Looking forward to reading you <3 Plumedaure





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      Thanks a lot ! It’s very nice of you 🙂 Hope to see you here again then 😉 Happy Thursday !

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