Expatriation Sweden : swedish life starts now

Expatriation Sweden : swedish life starts now

Hej hej ! I’ve arrived well in Sweden, it’s time to start my new swedish lifeWell now … that’s already one month that I settled in Sweden. Expatriation Sweden : how does it feel? Like a trip leads to another, because each link in my personal history led me to this expatriation sweden


Expatriation in Sweden : my story


What brought me here

First a trip to Australia with my best friend and a nice … very nice encounter with a charming Swedish and a beautiful relationship distance relationship, and eventually moving to Malmö to finally live together.


First impressions about Sweden and Malmö

Sweden is a beautiful country, very quiet, very clean. The landscapes are beautiful and you can breathe fresh air, walk a lot in nature. It’s very wooded, very fresh. People are nice and quiet, they are helpful and attentive. I like the character of the people, the atmosphere that emanates from here, getting away from the stress of the capital.


The country of “fika”, “kanelbullar”, “bryggkaffe”, “lagom” and bikes

I love Fika (Swedish food moment around 4pm) and eat Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and drinking great coffee (BRYGGKAFFE).

I like to ride my bike in my beautiful city Malmö and its 500 km of bike paths. I love the smell of clean air, the smell of flowers and trees.


plume daure on bike swedish life
On my brand new bike

I like to learn to speak the beautiful Swedish language and discover every day a little more of the culture of my new country.

What is “Lagom” which is a typical Swedish word that represents the beautiful mentality here, “Neither too little nor too much… Just right…” Recycling flawless, very green Malmö … Good food: smoked fish, meatballs and lingonsylt, cinnamon … mmm …

I can say, regarding the quality of life, I am enjoying it here.



  1. October 8, 2015 / 2:01 PM

    Un peu comme toi , je vais partir par amour.
    Blog sympa, et rare de trouver une française raconter ses galères.

    • October 8, 2015 / 2:37 PM

      Je te remercie pour ce commentaire très sympa !
      Tu vas donc partir t'installer aussi en Scandinavie par amour? Très beau geste et je suis sûre que tu ne le regretteras pas! J'en déduis donc que tu es pour le moment toujours en France?
      Où et quand vas-tu aller en Scandinavie?
      En tout cas je te souhaite bon courage et bonne installation!

  2. October 8, 2015 / 6:17 PM

    En effet !
    Je pars pour de bon en janvier, fin des études donc nouveau départ !
    J'ai un backgroung légal avec un Msc en école de commerce, j'ai bien peur de ne jamais réussir à avoir ce personnummer par moi même vu les conditions…

    J'ai commencé un nouveau blog si ça te dit d'y faire un tour 🙂

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