My gluten detox program 3 weeks before holidays


Hello my dears ! Here we go, we are in August already ! It’s so incredible how time flies, right ? I know that some of you already finished their holiday (sorry for you girls – but at least you enjoyed it a lot already :D). But I also know that some of you, like me, didn’t take any holiday yet this summer ! So, before we jump into our most beautiful bikini, what do you say about a gluten detox ? I personnaly am starting one for the next 3 weeks. Don’t hesitate to join me !

Gluten detox for 3 weeks : let’s go !

I am already quite skinny, so I don’t need to loose much weight. I am not starting a diet. My objective is more to remove water-retaining food from my dietary routine to get thiner legs and diminish the cellulite aspect by deflating the fat cells from water. I’ve heard some good things about removing gluten from the alimentation, and it’s the first time I’m trying it! Can’t wait to see the results.

My objective with this gluten detox

Kill all my cellulite, and for good ! 😀 This annoying one !  I’ve already been using the CelluBlue cup for 1 month (which I recommend you to use 100% – read my article on CelluBlue if not done) which is just great! But I still have some left especially at the tops of my legs (just under the boom boom pow ;)). I fear that this recalcitrant cellulite comes from my alimentation : the hidden sugars, the gluten in bread, alcohol from our party weekends (and followed by a XXL pizza on hangover days – haha). In summary = all these foodstuffs that kill all my healthy lifestyle efforts. SO, I’ve decided to remove them from my routine and replace them with healthy food for 3 weeks. Let’s see what this test gives!

My program

Remove completely or at least lower a LOT the consumption of the number 1 ennemy for cellulite :  gluten !

Gluten is a protein that retains a lot of water and makes us swell. It can be found in a lot of cereals, but especially in wheat, so bread is not your best friend ! Some people are clearly intolerant to gluten so they can’t even eat it. It’s not my case or much people’s, but everyone could avoid it anyway because it’s not super healthy. It’s going to be a real challenge for me because I love bread (being a baker’s daughter, I always loved it!), but that’s the thing : I wonder if the cellulite I can’t get rid of is not coming from eating bread and the gluten it contains.

You can find gluten in bread but also in pasta, crackers, pastries and cakes, pizza, burgers etc. It can also be hidden where you don’t expect like in industrial meals, sauces in general and even soy sauce ( I love soy sauce and use it a LOT 🙁 ). And also a lot in beer, that we love to drink with my boyfriend as an “apero” when we are in a nice evening-mood or in the weekends. It’s going to be quite hard but during this program I’ll try to do less “aperitifs” and stop beer. I can replace it by one or two glasses of red wine, a bit healthier, and without gluten. It contains alcohol though, which is also very bad for cellulite.  But the idea is not to get too frustrated and remove all the life pleasures, right 😀 ?

All kinds of bread… delicious but to be limited!

So, I’ll try to stop all these gluten-based aliments for 3 weeks and see what the effects on my body / health are. I will use instead :

  • Nuts (or basically all the oleaginous are just great : cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, linseeds, sun-flower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.).
  • Dried fruits : perfect for breakfast for the natural sugar they bring and energy, and for snacks.
  • Rice, to replace pasta. Rice is very healthy and doesn’t contain any gluten ! So go for it ! It’s also very nutritive and filling so you won’t get hungry. Plus, it’s full of fibers, especially the brown one.
  • Potatoes, that don’t contain gluten. To limit because they contain starch that can also make you gain weight if you eat too many! But sometimes, baked in the oven, as patties, mashed or just steamed, it’s so delicious!
  • Quinoa, or my favourite one. Very nutritive and healthy, you can go crazy with quinoa. It contains everything the body needs, i say YES, double YES !
  • Soy : a super protein-food that doesn’t contain gluten (except, unfortunately, the delicious soy sauce). So enjoy soy : miso soups, tofu, soy milk, all good!
  • Chocolate : good news for the chocolate monsters ;). It does not contain gluten. So you can allow yourself a square or two to please your little mouth!
  • For cooking : buckwheat and chesnut flours don’t contain gluten ! You should use them for your recipes instead of classic flour.

+ Of course you can eat as much fruits and veggies as you want, and drink a lot of herbal infusions and green tea +

+ Smoothies are our best friends +

A delicious smoothie, full of vitamins

I’ll let you know after those 3 weeks about the results. Sticking to it, I don’t have much doubts about the efficacity of this program. This morning, I had some oatmeal with fruits. For lunch, I had basmati rice with tofu and grilled vegetables. Tonight, I’m not sure yet but probably a vegetarian steak with some quinoa and brocoli. Finishing with a beautiful and yummy fruit salad for dessert.

Objective : looking good in my bikini 🙂



So my dears, I hope this article could let you know more about gluten, and that you are convinced that reducing it in your dietary routine will make you healthier and skinnier ! Do not hesitate to try the challenge with me, we can motivate each other 😀

Enjoy your week and Augus, <3 Plumedaure


  1. MM
    August 1, 2016 / 8:51 PM

    Very interesting piece, I think we are getting more and more aware about gluten and the effect on our health and body.

    • August 2, 2016 / 9:13 AM

      Hello 🙂 Thanks a lot for your comment, happy that you liked the article. Yeah, we are definitely more aware… personally it’s the first time I’m trying to reduce or even remove gluten and I’m quite curious of the results, but at the same time I don’t doubt of the efficacy of such a program.
      Have a wonderful day !
      <3 Plume d'Auré

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