Cutest tote bags : Top places in Copenhagen #4


Hello my dears ! Today I want to make you discover an amazing creator little shop which just opened in Copenhagen and that I recommend you 100% if you are in Copenhagen at some point and want to buy the cutests tote bags. They create super nice designs, and so cheap. I love it !

Cutest tote bags in Copenhagen : go to this little shop in the inner city

Two cute young Danish ladies from the fashion industry created this little shop that I fell in love with. Not even a brand yet, no website either. Just a tiny shop where you can find great stuff !

You can get 5 tote bags that you choose for 100 DKK (danish crowns), so approximately 15€. Really cheap for their originality ! And they get new products very often!


Love them !


One I chose, so cute !


My favorite one, as a cat lover 🙂

Do you like them too? If you are in Copenhagen at some point, whether it’s for a weekend, holiday or even as an expat, I think you should take a look at that shop. Just enter this address in your GPS : Møntergade 1, 1116 København (in the inner city)!

I hope you liked this article and this good tip ! I think it changed from very well known brands, and I really like idependant little tips like this!

Have a wonderful day <3 Plume d’Auré


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