The Glov microfiber makeup remover : a nice discovery


Hello my little feathers ! Here is another nice product review this weekend. Indeed, after this middle week’s blog post about the W.ANT natural beauty products, now I’d like to write about the Glov microfiber makeup remover ! I make a lot of very nice beauty products discoveries these days, and I really wanna share all this with you, my dear bloggers/instagrammers/digital influencers / or just super amazing readers who love beauty, lifestyle, and travel topics! Whoever you are I like you so much, your presence here makes this blog live. And I wanna thank you for that! So… Let’s go back to our main topic : what is Glov ? Well, it’s a mini glove that is a powerful makeup remover, just by using water (no extra product required). Let’s talk about it!

The Glov microfiber makeup remover : small but efficient !

I discovered this little one thanks to Goodie Box that I receive each month. At the beginning, I thought it was a one-use-wipe. But when I opened it, I saw this small Glov. Super cute ! You can apparently use it up to 3 months.




  1. You soak it in water.
  2. Use it to remove your makeup normally, exactly like a cotton pad.
  3. Once you’ve done, wash it with water and soap and let it dry.

Ans wow… surprise ! Even the most resistant parts of makeup are GONE ! I was blown up ! It REALLY works ! So for those of you who are like “the less the best” with makeup and products, you should definitely try this one out !


  1. No need to buy extra products so you save money (on micellar water, on cleasing gels or milks, etc).
  2. Absolutely not agressive for the skin as water basically contains nothing that can harm your skin.
  3. The microfibers help exfoliating the skin day after day for a smoother and smoother result.



  1. I wonder if the fact that you’re cleaning it with soap afterwards doesn’t make it a bit agressive. Even if it’s minor quantities, I wonder if some soap doesn’t stay in the microfibers. And soap is not super good for the skin. Well, maybe the secret is to really rinse thouroughly ! Or to use a soap-free gel.
  2. I have to admit that it’s not easy to clean, especially if you use like me black mascara and eyeliner. Once you’ve used it once, it will not look so white and clean anymore. Too bad. (Lucky that I took some pictures before HAHA).
My little Glov after usage (with soap)


And after the cleaning. It’s a bit dirty-ish but still a bit cute, isn’t it ? 🙂

I hope you liked this article my lovelies. If you want to try it you can go to their siteLot of kisses ! And enjoy the rest of your weekend !

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      Thanks my dear Chichi ! Oh it’s such a pleasure to read you here ! Have a fab day too 🙂

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