2017 photo blooper

2017 photo blooper

Hello my little feathers! First and foremost I hope you had a great Christmas <3 That you had a good time with family, friends and all those who matter. That you ate loooots of good things! And that you have been well spoiled with great gifts and little attentions ! For my part, it was a pleasure to spend a few days in Spain, in the sun, and surrounded by my dear family … my heart is full of love, and my batteries are recharged. Now is the time to say goodbye to the beautiful year 2017 to welcome 2018. I know I told you in my last article that I would not write here before early January … but … I could not resist to mark the end of 2017 with humor, sharing a 2017 photo blooper ! So many photo shootings and looks in 2017… But the truth is that I of course always share the best photos (normal! Eh, you can not blame me). The reality is that in a shooting we are far from exploiting all the photos because many are not good at all … hihi. So today, I’m doing the opposite … I share the failures! Good memories, simply! And I hope I can get a last smile on your beautiful face because of this blog before ending the year … Haaa … 2017, what a great year!

2017 photo blooper

When the sun rises a little too much to your head … yiiii


When you can not get the photo you want in a shooting … poor boyfriend … <3


When you look like you dance alone in the street with an imaginary friend


When you try to make a nice picture of your juices but you forgot the bottle stuck between your legs … FAIL !


When you try to make a nice hair effect in the wind but … nop!


And is this better? Heu … nop …


When you take really weird positions… ?!!??!


When your mind goes away in the middle of a shooting … mmm …this waffle looks good … slurp slurp


When the colors of autumn make you a little too glad … oooooo


When you try to make a nice picture near the fire but you can not really breathe!


When the cold freezes your brain …


When you try to have a nice and sexy shot behind a tree but … nop !


And now ? No .. we said!


When you want to show your pretty sleeves but in fact it just gives a weird picture 


When you are not looking at the right place


Well … if I can not look good on the blog photos, I can maybe try to apply for a L’Oreal carreer ? Because I’m worth it ? No ? Oh… OK..


Bad and mean people… 🙁 


And walk on carpets for fashion brands? No ? Pff ..


And if we try again there instead ? 


No ? OK OK I give up. We will try again in 2018!

Lot of kisses babes ! 😀

* Happy New Year 2018 ! *


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