Christmas mousse recipe

Christmas mousse recipe

Hello to all of you! Today I wanna share a simple and delicious Christmas mousse recipe! A nice dessert that will surely make your friends and/or family happy during a Christmas meal. With a little bit of Scandinavian culture because it uses Swedish Christmas cookies (of which I had also given you the recipe earlier). But don’t worry, any gingerbread cookies will also work if you do not have enough time to make them yourself!

Christmas mousse recipe

I had already shared my recipe of Swedish Christmas cookies (Pepparkakor), here is a mousse recipe based on these delicious gingerbread cookies! A true delight. But as I said, if you do not have time to make these cookies yourself you can also use any gingerbread cookies!

For about 8 portions you will need:

4 dl whipping cream

4 eggs

4 tablespoons of cranberry or lingonberry jam

2.5 dl crushed gingerbread cookies

1 tea spoon containing cinnamon / cardamom / powdered giroffles

1 tablespoon icing sugar



  • Crush the gingerbread cookies until you get a powder
  • Whip the cream
  • Separate the white from the yolks of the eggs. Mix the whites with the icing sugar in a bowl.
  • Add the yolks in the whipped cream and mix.
  • Add the jam, spices, and gingerbread cookies in the cream.
  • Add the eggs / sugar mixture and mix well.
  • Serve in small glass containers, decorate with pieces of gingerbread cookies and keep in the fridge at least 4 hours before serving!

Bon appétit!

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