Dear diary : the power of writing

Dear diary : the power of writing

Hello my little feathers 😀 And thanks for being hereToday I wanted to write on writingWriting and having a diary has always been a big part of my life, so I want to share this with you. I wanted to write on how writing can be powerful in your everyday life, in addition for being a passion or a hobby. Dear diary… writing can help you fight your stressclean up your mind of face better new or difficult situations of life. Writing cures. Writing is your own psychologist. 

Dear diary… How writing can help you in your everyday life

I write since I was old enough to do so. I keep “diaries” if you can call them like this. I think it sounds a bit childish when you are actually older than 15 but I would now more call them “life notebooks”. But everyday, or every week, since I was about 12, I write. I have my whole life on paper. I write about my fears, my success, my doubts, my fails, my wishes, my frustrations, my sad days, my memories, my projects… I immortalize my thoughts on white sheets. And you can barely imagine how much this feels good. How many times I felt sad, stressed or moved about something and how many times writing some lines and paragraphs helped and calmed me.

Indeed, writing can take you away from the everyday life for a little while. It’s a little dreamy and personal way out of the quick lives we have. It’s your own little moment that you take, where you can sort out your ideas. Where you can take time to face your life at this precise moment and think smartly about it. Whether it’s positive or negative : writing gives you the possibility to look at your life, to think about it as an observer and helps you take the right decisions to move one smoothly and be even happier.
Here are below my advises to take advantage of writing as much as I do :

 1. Buy yourself a nice notebook

It’s so easy to find beautiful little notebooks today for a quite cheap price. Depending on what you like (patterns, colors) I advise you to buy a notebook you really like. Once you have a notebook, dedicated to your writing, then you’ll get more motivated to write (it’s much nicer than on a simple sheet of paper) 🙂

2. Everytime you feel like it, or when you are facing a complex situation, write in your notebook

Even if you are the happiest person in this planet, you always have some things that stress you a bit, that make you sad, nervous. It could be anything : exams coming, an interview, someone you’d like to seduce, moving into a new city, changing countries, a family problem, a diet wish, a love bad period, a fight with a friend… among so much more. Everytime you feel like something is too much on your mind, here is what I advise you to do : take out your notebook and a pen, and write about it. 

This is how I advise you to write : 

  • Tell everything to your notebook. The whole story, from A to Z, without any shame or boundaries. Like if it was your best confident. Write everything. It’s very calming. And without even noticing it, you’re already stepping back from the situation. You’re both the writer / story teller and the listener, so without even knowing it you’re taking a step back from your life and your brain is starting to analyse it in an objective – and not anymore subjective – way. Maybe just by writing about this situation, you’re unconciously making it clearer to understand / and easier to solve.
  • Once you’ve told your notebook the whole story : write about your objectives, your goals, your wishes.What could make you feel better? What could solve this situation? What are your goals, your wishes? How can you reach or realize them? And by the way, is it possible to do so? Are your goals attainable? If yes, try to find a way to reach them. If not, maybe this is also the problem… Draw yourself a mini-plan, find some possible solutions.
  • Write about the pros and cons of a situations. What I love to do when I have to make a choice and I’m not sure about it is to draw a big line in the middle of my page and write on one side, the pros, and on the other side, the cons. This allows me to understand a bit more what is happening and in which direction I should move forward.
  • Read your pages back in the end. Once again this might allow you to bring an external perspective to what you have just written. The best is to write in the evening, before going to bed. Your brain will go on thinking about it during the night and you’ll most likely wake up with a clearer mind.

Keep this notebook somewhere only you knows where it is. Write in it everytime you think it could help. Read it sometimes.It’s fun sometimes to read how your mindset can change from a week to another. Use it as your little escape, as your confident, as your own psychologist.


I gave this advice to some friends that were all very glad about it afterwards. I really think that whoever we are, whether we like writing or not, WRITING HELPS.So of course, some will write a lot, like me, and some will write sometimes, only some keywords, it’s fine, you just have to find your own rhythm. The rhythm that helps you.

Ok, should we start ? 😀

You can click here to find some nice notebooks, and cheap

I really hope that you liked this article. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought about it. Maybe you were already writing? If yes, how does it feel for you? Otherwise, are you planning to start after reading this article?

Thanks a lot for reading and have a wonderful weekend ! Enjoy this beautiful weather which is so exceptional for a beginning of May! Don’t hesitate to follow me on the social media clicking on the widgets on the right side of the blog  ===> 

Lot of kisses my little feathers, Plumedaure <3

Main photo credits : Estée Janssens


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