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Hello my little feathers ! I hope you had a good “back from holidays” week ? Mine was great, so many projects going on so it’s going to be an exciting year! I’m also currently in Paris for 10 days, to see my lovely friends and family, and for work! Other than that, the little everyday life routine starts again. And something I LOVE doing in my routine is driking tea ! I am in love with tea, and all its variations : green tea, black tea, red tea, white tea, infusions… Tea is so delicious and also very healthy! So, let’s talk about this amazing drink, let’s deep dive in the subject. I asked myself so many times “but what is the real difference between black and green tea, except its color?”. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So let’s clarify, and take a cultural read 😀 I’d also love to share with you my favorite brands. For the love of tea.

For the love of tea : tribute to this healthy green

Where does tea come from? What’s the real difference between all its variations?

There are different kind of teas. But do you really know what tea actually is, and what difference there is between the different ones ? Because, let’s be honnest, very often if we ask ourselves those questions, we first think that “of course, we know”. But in the end, do we? No 🙂 At least I did not know everything.

Tea is simply a plant, called tea plant, and we dry its leaves and buds to infuse them in hot water. Tea plant usually grows in Asia.

The difference between the variations of tea, is the level of fermentation. A not fermented tea is green, and the more it gets fermented, the blacker it becomes. The less it’s fermented, the more pholyphenols it contains, which are very very healthy. So, as a summary, green tea is the healthiest. But don’t worry, tea is healthy anyway, whatever its colors or fermentation level are.

A delicious Champagne tea ! Not kiddind 🙂 this one blew my mind

So, from less fermented to more, it gives us : green tea, white tea, black tea ! Here you go, you know everything !

And what about red tea ? Well, it’s actually not tea. It’s made from Rooibos. It’s made from another plant, which is a little bush that grows in South Africa, which doesn’t contain thein. So, for those who want to avoid drinking thein, it’s perfect. It’s similar to an infusion.

Infusion are only made from plants. There is no tea inside, no thein, just flowers and diverse plants that you infuse in hot water.

Here you go, tea Master ! Did you learn anything?

(To be honnest, I did while writing this article)


Some of my favorite teas, that I advise you to try BIG TIME

The infusions from the brand Pukka are by far my favs. I discovered them in Scandinavia and I’m just a big FAN. Do you know Pukka teas ? They’re incredible.


Another infusions and teas brand I love is Clipper. So delicious, with very strong fruit tastes. And they’re also organic !


To drink very good black teas, I’d advise you The English Tea Shop. Delicious teas and the cutests packagings!

Those cute packagings…


Love them! And you?’


Bon, OK, je suis démasquée. Je suis vraiment FAN de thé !
Ok, yeah, I admit, I am ADDICTED to tea.

Otherwise, I’ve also tried tea with other benefits like the ones from Fittea. When tea also becomes a beauty tip. I’ve tried their Body Detox tea. A delicious citrus green tea which helps your body get rid of the toxins and to burn fats. I love it and I drink it very often. And it smells… delicious ! A real discovery for me. And the ingredients are really fun, there is popcorn inside.. not kidding ! Here it’s the complete list of fat burning ingredients it contains :

  • Green tea
  • Lemongrass
  • Ginger
  • Dandelion
  • Lemon peel
  • Coriander
  • Tulsi herb, a miracle from Africa
  • Jasmine flower
  • Rose petals
  • Ginseng roots
  • Popcorn (haha!). I have to say, I have no idea why ! Maybe I should ask them ! Any idea girls ? 😀
  • Pineapple chunks
  • Apple bits

I really recommend you this tea which is so great ! Don’t hesitate to use the coupon code plumedaure10 for -10% on your entire order.

And I got an amazing TO GO thermos with it. I love it so much, and I’m using it everyday !

Here you go sweeties. I of course like other brands but I gave you my favs ! A little tip : I love to add lemon in my tea in the morning, so delicious, or cinnamon in the winter. Or even a teaspoon of honey. It gives it a little extra and it’s DE-LI-CIOUS!


I hope this article about tea pleased you my dears. I would love to know : how do you like tea ? A bit, a lot, with passion (like me? haha). What are your favorites brands of tea ? Which kind of tea do you prefer ? Do you also have some tips? Tell me EVERYTHING ! 😀

A lot of kisses and enjoy your weekend !

<3 Plume d’Auré

Even my Leia loves tea !

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