Halloween chocolate mousse

Halloween chocolate mousse

Hey babes ! Today I want to share with you a simple, quick, delicious and above all fun recipe for both children and adults : the Halloween chocolate mousse. With just a little time, a good chocolate mousse and a touch of creativity you’ll be able to make these little Halloween pumpkins filled with yummy stuff while enjoying a nice DIY moment. Here is the recipe and the DIY tutorial.

The Halloween chocolate mousse

To make the little pumpkins


Stuff you’ll need / ingredients for 6 people

6 oranges

A few mint leaves

An indelible black marker


How to make it

Nothing’s easier ! For 6 people, buy 6 beautiful oranges, well round and with thick skin. Indeed oranges with a thin skin will not do the trick because they will not make good pumpkins – containers for our chocolate mousse ! So pay attention to buying good oranges to play the role of pumpkins! 😀

Then you have to empty the oranges from their pulp. For this use a small spoon and empty the pulp carefully. Empty the pulp from inside the orange and from the small hat. (You can then keep the pulp and use it in a juice centrifuge to enjoy a good vitamin juice, which by the way is super good to strengthen the body’s self-defenses in this autumnal period. And no waste please!)

Once the oranges are emptied, it’s almost ready. All you have to do is to make a small cross with a knife on the hats to slip two leaves of mint in each one of them.

Then, draw some eyes and mouth on each little pumpkin! #socute

All you have to do now is fill them with chocolate mousse !

Recipe for the chocolate mousse

Well, here in reality you can choose whether you make it yourself or not ! If you do not really have the time or the urge to cook, you can also buy ready-made chocolate mousse and pour it into the pumpkins. It will still make its little effect for halloween: D!

Personally, I wanted to do it myself and if this also tempts you, here is my recipe:


Ingredients for 6 people

6 eggs

200 g of dark chocolate



How to make it


  1. Break the chocolate into pieces in a saucepan and add six tablespoons of water
  2. Melt the mix over low heat while stirring until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste, then reserve in a salad bowl
  3. Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks, then incorporate the yolks one by one into the chocolate, mixing well between each yolk
  4. Beat the whites with a pinch of salt until you get fluffly, high peaks. Then mix very delicately with the chocolate preparation by lifting the mass not to break the whites
  5. Refrigerate at least 3 hours
  6. (Only then you can fill pumpkins with the yummy chocolate mousse :)!

I hope this simple recipe / DIY will please you! I think it’s all cute and original for Halloween. Enough to please your guests, your darling, your children and/or yourself, hihi.

* Happy Halloween ! *


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