Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

And now, almost 8000 km later our road trip is coming to an end. We ended our journey spending two days in Kakadu National Park, and I can tell you that this endpoint was rich in emotions! Wonderful days but horrible nights…


Let me explain: in Kakadu there are only campsites inside the national park to sleep in (or many hotels in town but expensive and require to go out of the national park) and they are reserves for mosquitoes!

When cooking in the evening, we had at least 70 mosquitoes turning around us constantly, 15 placed on us of course intending to calm their thirst for blood and sting us! How awful.

We had to close our mouth when talking to not swallow some. You have to see it to believe it, I did not even know that amount of mosquitoes was possible!

I’m not talking about it, but beside that we also had animals sounds like kangaroos, Dingos, Wombats who walked during the night next to our food bags and around our tent.

But hey it was worth it! Kakadu National Park was beautiful … see some pictures : 

kakadu beers
Having some beers to forget the awful nights!
kakadu fun

 Photos credits (main) : WestBoundary Photography chris gill


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