How to do a spring detox ?

How to do a spring detox ?

Ah … the famous “detox”! A word that is downright trendy in recent years, adulated by some, criticized by others … A word that often makes my boyfriend laugh because he thinks it’s just a “Marketing concept” made to sell. Yes and no. Certainly, as it is a trend, it is a good sell point, but it is not ONLY a trend, my dears, it is also a reality. The purpose of detox products is to help our liver, detoxifyer of the body by its natural function, to do its job better. Quite simply. And it’s true that in our modern lives it can be disrupted by too much of everything: too much salt, sugar, fat; too much stress, etc. You got my point. As a result, certain foods, vitamins and minerals can help our organism, and our liver, to better detoxify our body of the toxins we have been exposed to every day on Earth since like, forever. So I believe detox, and I always try to do a bit of it sometimes throughout the year. Do you follow? Here are some ideas for a spring detox!

How to do a spring detox ?

I will present several solutions in this article that have worked well for me. I looked at detox foods and in this sense, some foods in our daily lives contain all that is needed, but others things are not. So then, we need a little help: I named dietary supplements! So basically, don’t hesitate to get your detox from both food supplements and natural foods on a daily basis. Plus, there are also some good habits it’s good to adopt for a regular natural detox and a body in great shape! AGREE? GO!

Dietary supplements

Here are some detoxifying active ingredients that you don’t always find in your daily food and that you can benefit from :

  • Chlorella, which is a seaweed helping to remove heavy metals from the body (and I eat a lot of fish – which we know contains a lot – so I find this perfect!);
  • Birch, which helps digestion and promotes the activity of the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract;
  • Chicory, which promotes elimination and also help you loose weight in a diet ;
  • And so much more…

I suggest you type “Detox supplements” on Google so you can find some supplements available in your country. What they have special, is that they bring you things that you don’t find in food. So I find that dietary supplements are a good solution to bring them to our body and vary the sources of detox. Our land is so rich in good things, it is a pity to deprive ourselves of all of it just because we can not have them as snacks, don’t you think?


Detox foods to eat every day

In addition to dietary supplements, you can – and you should, in fact – as well eat well. Simple fact : what we eat is the basis of our health. So here, some good habits, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and already, the big part of the work is done.

One good everyday habit : I can only advise you lemon water when you wake up ! True magic potion for the body, it is a just a super drink. I told you about it in this article about drinking half a lemon in the morning, to reread absolutely if you missed it! Detox properties, mood booster, beauty property … THE BEST !

Here is otherwise a list of particularly detox foods to eat without moderation in your daily meals:

  • fruits like pineapple, kiwi, apple, grapefruit … The sun is coming! So go for fruit salads and smoothies!
  • vegetables such as carrots, artichokes, beets, fennel and cabbage in all its forms. And all are delicious! Shredded carrots with a sesame oil/soy sauce/lemon sauce … yum. MUST TRY if you have never tasted (a spoon of each for one person)! Artichoke with French vinaigrette! Beetroot salad … Cauliflower and bechamel sauce. Olive oil & salt roasted fennel. Just go crazy and cook these at every meal. These foods are real gold mines for your body … and for your taste buds!

* So, ready for a spring detox ? *


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