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Hello my little feathers! I hope you are doing good? Today I would like to talk about a subject that left me uncertain for a long time but that I master now : organic shampoo. I never really knew what to think about it and its usage… Because you always hear “you shouldn’t use classic shampoo because it’s full of silicones and it’s bad for the hair” and ” yeah, organic shampoo don’t contain silicones but as a consequence the hair looks very dry!”… Between all this sayings you really don’t know why to think. Should you go for organic shampoos ? Yes/No? I clarified all this for you!

So, organic shampoo, yes or no?

So first of all, let’s clarify what silicones are.

They are materials used in shampoo and conditioner to straiten the hair, to make it look shiny, silky, soft. So.. Very often when you read “Incredible Softness” or “Total Repair” on your hair products, they contain silicones. Yep, sorry! 😀 How they work is that they coat each of your hairs with a very fine layer of silicone, and they hide the breakage your hair might have by filling the holes. You hair looks softer, less damaged, easier to brush. But let’s not be naive : it’s pure make-up! This just hides the real nature of your hair and acts like putting on foundation on a bad skin. It helps for making it look better, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

Another problem is that, by using those products too much, silicones will accumulate on your hair making it incapable of breathing properly. So the initial issue becomes worse, your hair becomes even dryer and more damaged, being totally dependent on silicones that don’t even help anymore.

Did you already have this experience : buying a product and having super results for 10 days and then nothing anymore? Well, here you go : accumulation of silicones.

And I don’t even mention the ecological aspect… Silicones don’t disappear from our planet so they are simply degrading our oceans and animals living in them. Really, really not good!

Are all the silicones so bad for the hair & environment?

It’s a very controversial talk. Seems like there are “good” and “bad” silicones. The “good ones” being the one that are dissolvable in water (going away when showering so they don’t accumulate on the hair + they are less polluting) and the “bad ones” being the ones that never dissolve or disappear. Those last ones are the ones in most of the common hair products unfortunately (and even in some very good/expensive brands… It can be scary!).

Using organic shampoo ables to to stop using silicones 

Yeah… but…

When I started reading online about that I got very confused about what I found :

– Organic shampoo is apparently a good ecological idea but the hair looks dry, hard to brush = horrible. (= Our real hair without all the silicone make-up..). Woww .. scary!

 You need several weeks of use to get back to healthy hair. Because your hair needs to eliminate all the silicones first and then get healthy again (and for real this time)! Haaaa! Not sure I want to look like shit for so long >_<

It made me hesitate a lot. A LOT. But, being a hair-warrior, I decided to jump in! Despite those “warnings”. I thought that after all, if my hair would look so bad after a week or two, I could still give up and go back to good old silicones. I googled around and I ordered on (very nice website btw) some shampoo and conditioner from the brand Desert Essence.

Verdict : I recommend it to you 100%. I don’t know which brands the girls from the forums I got my information from used, but this one is AMAZING. I’m using only this one since and I am their best customer! (I should propose them a collaboration, haha). My hair never became dryer, or ugly, or hard to brush. It’s more beautiful than ever! And I know that this is for real, and also that I’m avoiding silicones. It’s good for me and for the environment ! (I just use after the shower an amazing hair oil which contains a bit of silicones – the good ones – to help my hair get into place. But only one silicone-based product in my hair routine is way better than 3).

So I really advise you these products if, like me, you want to try organic shampoo. I love them. I always have 2 or 3 different ranges in my bathroom. Here are the ones I’ve tried :

“Lemon tea tree” to purify the hair. Incredible smell and fresh sensation of cleanliness.


“Green apple and ginger” volumizing fine hair.  Here again a delicious smell! A very discrete volumizing effect, but nice! (It’s organic, which means no chimical products in it… So don’t expect miracles. It cleans the hair, which is the first goal of a shampoo! :D)


“Raspberry” revitalizing and enhancing the shine. My favourite by far! I would kill for that smell! And the hair feels softer than ever!


“Italian red grape” revitalizing for colored hair. I love its smell too ! Same effect as the rasperry one – but I prefer the smell of the other one 🙂


“Coconut” nourishing for dry hair. The one I like the less. I don’t like the smell so much (and it sticks all day) + it leaves my hair a bit sticky. I don’t recommend this one, but for all the other ones : GO GO GO – eyes closed!


My top 3 :

1. Raspberry 2. Lemon / Tea tree 3. Apple / Ginger

I hope you liked this articles my dears ! Please let me know with a little comment if you did 🙂 It takes no long and I love to have your feedback after your reading.

So many kisses on your way and enjoy your day !

<3 Plumedaure

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