Winter in Sweden: what is it like?

Winter in Sweden: what is it like?

Hi babes! Today, I want to answer a question that people ask me (very) often in the winter: “what is it like, winter in Sweden, do you have a lot of snow?” It’s true that I wondered that myself before I moved here: “Will I end up removing meters of snow every morning in front of my door before getting out of my house? Is the beautiful, clear and sunny white landscapes image of Sweden a reality or a myth?” Well, the answer is: it depends on where in Sweden. Because where I live for example in Malmö, unfortunately, the answers are NO and NO. A little disappointed, I do not hide it. But I must face the facts … we DO have more rain than snow. On the other hand, as soon as you go up North, the answers will be YES and YES. And no need to go that far … (#YESS! Phew!). Let’s talk about it!

Winter in Sweden, what is it like? 

As you can see in these pictures: most of the time, Sweden in winter is simply a pretty white paradise. A winter wonderland. But not everywhere. Unfortunately … where I live, in Malmö, we maybe had 5 snowy days since I moved here, 2 years 1/2… (an average of 2 days per year, basically … not great!).

Fortunately, you only have to go a little further north to see the situation change quickly. Yet on these pictures, we are only 2 hours from Malmö, in Halmstad, where my boyfriend’s parents live. Barely 2 hours drive direction the north to enjoy beautiful snowflakes that last and hold. #veryreassured!

+ ++ Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? +++

So generally, YES, it snows a lot in Sweden. My boyfriend has many souvenirs clearing the door with his dad while being small in order to get out of their house. It is common to call some help for clearing, even, because there is so much snow. The more you go up North, the more there is. And the whiter it is. And the more … beautiful it is.

Why is the snow surprisingly so shy in Malmö despite our Nordic location? Well, because we’re simply unlucky! Haha! No just kidding. First, I thought it came from the fact that we were the southernmost city in Sweden, and moreover, that it was along the sea with a lot of wind. I thought that this geographical situation added to the maritime climatic conditions were the reasons for the mild temperature compared to the rest of Sweden. But actually, it’s mainly because of the Gulf Stream. Yes, the warm current that comes from the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and so on… somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean it splits and comes meet us a bit in Malmö, not helping the snow to fall (and especially to stay – as I told you above, when it deigns to show up it does not hold more than 2 days.) Grrrr, #pleasebeautifulsnowstaywithus!). SO! Now you know. And I also know! Haha 🙂

So, I try to go a little north during the winter as soon as I can to enjoy these beautiful snowy landscapes. And then, my big dream is to go up… UPPP. North to visit Lapland one day, at the very top of Sweden … near the northern lights … it must be so beautiful!

* You too would like to see the northern lights? *

A lot of kisses!

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