How to drink tea during Spring ?


Hello pretty babes ! How is your week ? Here everything goes great! As some of you probably know, since Monday I live in a brand new apartment. New #homesweethome all clean and Scandinavian, love it ! With my darling we get our new marks and habits little by little and we devoted the first part of the week to the moving and to unpacking all our boxes. Today, Thursday, let’s say that the apartment already isn’t messy anymore, and that it’s starting to look good. But we have a lot more to do : finish furnishing, because having lived in a furnished apartment before we own very few furniture, then decorate. And that’s the fun part of moving ! In any case, I enjoy my free time in my new free-lance life. Working at the office as usual would not have left me that much time to take care of my little home sweet home and I would have been a bit stressed I think. So I want to say, perfect timing! At the moment, my days are composed of: taking care of my new little home and make it a nice cocoon, blogging (of course), and drink tea! I am a tea lover, as you know! I had already told you about my love of tea, but today I want to follow this article by explaining how to drink tea. This may sound stupid, but we don’t always know! And, because after all it’s better into some context, let’s talk about it specifically for spring days coming. So, let’s focus on how to drink tea during spring!

How to drink tea during spring

Tea during spring : why is it a good idea ?

Why exactly will tea help us stay fit and healthy during the spring? Spring is a well-known season for small diseases – because microbes also benefit from the heat to proliferate – and also for allergies! So in this context, tea will be super beneficial for us, thanks to all the good stuff its contains.

Green tea for example is super rich in vitamin C! This is excellent for boosting our body and protecting it from all the little evils of the season change! It is also super rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene) which helps the skin tan better: perfect for the beautiful days that arrive, isn’t it? Finally, if we focus on the benefits that interest us now ie for the arrival of the sunny days, green tea is an excellent detoxifier and drainer for the body, so it helps to eliminate fat and loose weight. Let’s take out the bikini!

Do not hesitate to add a few drops of lemon for a tenfold effect (and a delicious taste).

Always think of varying teas, they are all excellent for health! Black tea, white tea, Rooibos, etc. are all small jewels. Same, vary the tastes: tea with fruits, teas with spices, etc. Because all these ingredients will bring you even more vitamins and minerals for an invicible health!

In short, whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter : drink tea, it’sa great health ally. And in addition to that, #teatime is just cozy.

My favorite tea of the moment is the Pascal Hamour tea. Organic, always fresh and delicious. I enjoy it every day. My favorite one : the infusion with grapefruit. A super pronounced taste and a little sour, full of vitamins! Perfect in the morning. And then this box, isn’t it so beautiful?




I even use it as a decoration in my new kitchen !


Otherwise, more generally, whether this particular brand or even when I go out to take a tea in a small café place, I’m a fan of Sencha and Oolong green teas.

Sencha is a Japanese green tea that is very little fermented and where the leaves are rolled into small balls to retain their gustatory and medicinal properties. I’m a fan of it! In addition, green tea, as I said above, is particularly known for its weight loss effect, but especially the Sencha.

Oolong tea is a Chinese tea and leaves are partially fermeted. It tastes a bit stronger than the Sencha, but it is also delicious. The leaves are also rolled, and open under the effect of hot water, it is very pretty! 🙂 #passionate

How to PROPERLY drink tea

We are all convinced, drinking tea is good! But what mistakes to avoid when drinking tea? Sure enough, since it’s super healthy, we tend to drink a little too much all the time and no matter how. But no, just like every drink / food, tea must be consumed in a certain way.

Here are the mistakes not to make : 

  • Drink TOO MUCH tea 


After a while, this will tend to irritate your stomach. Avoid drinking more than 3-4 cups a day. Beyond that, it is a bit much.
  • Drink tea just after your meals

Tea contains a lot of tannin that makes it difficult to absorb iron, so important to our health! It is therefore necessary to avoid drinking tea after the meals because you might assimilate less the iron that was contained in your food. It is better to drink tea between meals, at least 1h after eating. If you want to drink something hot and close to tea during your meals (ex breakfast), you can drink infusions or Rooibos (which do not contain tannin).

  • Drink tea when you’re sick

It’s easy to think that the detox effect of tea can be beneficial when we are sick. But in fact, not really. Tea tends to raise the body temperature so it is to avoid when you have a fever!

  • Always drink the same tea

As I said above, do not drink the same tea (ex : green tea) all the time! Vary the pleasures. Every kind of tea has its virtues, and its taste, enjoy! Switch between green tea, white tea, black tea, Rooibos (or red tea), and infusions … all are precious allies of the body!

  • Drink tea before bed

A bad habit. Personally, that does not prevent me from sleeping … But nevertheless, tea wakes you up, like coffee does. Avoid consuming it before going to bed. Here also, you can instead make an chamomile infusion (haha, #grandma, but so good!), an infusion with fruits, or a Rooibos.


Hoping that this post on the DOs and DON’Ts of tea consumption will have pleased you, I send you a lot of courage vibes for the rest of your week.

I’m going back to my work with a cup of tea, of course !


Tea Pascal Hamour (Available only for B2B – but contact them, they do exceptions)

Mug from Le Fabuleux Shaman 

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